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Virginia Franklin has been an enlightener for over 30 years and in her own business for 25 years, in front of small and large groups, in the US, UK, and France, also on Radio and TV.  See  'About Virginia'

During the last 6 1/2 years, Virginia has given Bible Study courses to the young. Also, she orchestrated and was the speaker at 8-week Bible programs at North Dunedin Baptist Church and at Harborside Christian Church.  

She has written a 200-page book God, Us, and Satan, which is scheduled for publication in 2021.  If you are interested in studying the Bible with Virginia, please 'Contact us'

For the last 7 years, Virginia has dedicated herself to studying the Bible in-depth - delving into Hebrew and Aramaic for the purpose of enlightening herself and others.

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FREE EXCERPTS!  'Human Spirit' from the  NEW BOOK  'GOD, US, and SATAN' ' Witness the truth for yourself from actual Bible verses.
  1. How the human spirit came about!
  2. Why we can never die.
  3. The difference between our human spirit and the Holy Spirit
  4. Who or what gets judged at Judgement Day?
  5. Where does our spirit go when we die.
  6. Why miracles are still with us today.
  7. Easy commentaries.  Discover and unravel the truth. 
  8. Many pictures

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