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Virginia Franklin has been an accomplished Speaker, Mentor, Life Coach for over 30 years and in her own business for 25 years, in front of small and large groups, in the US, UK, and France, also on Radio and TV.  See  'About Virginia'

During the last 9 years, Virginia has given Bible Study courses to adults and the young. Also, she orchestrated and was the speaker at 8-week Bible programs at North Dunedin Baptist Church and at Harborside Christian Church.  


For the last 9 years, Virginia has dedicated herself to studying the Bible in-depth - delving into Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic, and the Dead Sea Scrolls for the purpose of enlightening herself and others.  Her in-depth findings and discoveries are written in a 261-page book named "God, Us, and Satan which is scheduled for publication in 2023.

For 25 years Virginia gave Real Estate Seminars to many thousands in UK, France and USA, as well as Hand-Mentoring many to financial success.  See Testimonials.

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'GOD, US, and SATAN'
Witness the truths for yourself from actual Bible verses.
  1. Holy Spirit & also human spirit?
  2. Miracles with us today?
  3. Where we go when we die?
  4. Can the brain go to heaven?
  5. Satan/demons: controls!
  6. How to get healed.  (see below first)
  7. Easy commentaries.  Many pictures.
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