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All the information in 'GOD, US, and SATAN' is strictly from Bible verses.  Virginia Franklin says "You will not get my opinion.  You will get God's viewpoints as He intended them to be.  You will discover these 'oasis nuggets' for yourself as I did. They will be self-evident as they are uncovered. You will take the journey with me."

Please examine the chapters below and let us know which one/ones interest you and copy and paste it/them into the message portion of our Contact Us page.

We will get back to you within the next 24 hours.

God bless.


  1. God: My discoveries who God is, what He is, what He looks like,      
    His intentions and character.


  2. Jesus: Who is He. When He first was created and why.

  3. Angels and Guardian Angels: 
    When they were created and what they do and where they reside.


  4. The Holy Spirit: Who it is, where it is, how it came about, and what it can mean to you.

  5. Our human spirit:  How and when does it come to us, and where it goes when the body dies.

  6. The 'human spirit', 'soul', 'heart', and 'mind':  Finally, these words sorted out for us without translational problems.

  7. The body; How and why it is not who we are. 

  8.  Brain: How to reprogram.

  9. Does the brain go to heaven?

  10.  Who are we?  We are a composite of 3.  Find out what those are.

  11.  Judgement Day.  Who or what gets judged for its life choices?

  12. Resurrection:   Will everyone who died get raised?  1st and 2nd Death. 
    Our new heavenly bodies, what are they like.


  13.  Faith: How can your goals and plans come to fruition?

  14. Failure: How do you fail?

  15. Forgiveness:  Why it plays a vital role in your life.

  16. Judgmental and Critical.  What they are and where they lead.

  17. Satan and his demons: A very real threat.  Where he lives. How Satan and his demons infect and affect the body.  How to rid yourself of them. 

  18. How you can control your life once and for all.

  19. Healing:  God meant for us to heal others and ourselves.

  20. How to become a financial and personal success.

  21. Why doctors do not have the answers.

  22. How to control your body's weight. 

  23. Why and how God can give you youth.

  24. Bible True:  How do you prove the Bible is true?


  • Extensive Glossary: I have included a large all-encompassing Glossary, showing the meanings and intentions of the words and concepts, as they were, back when they were written.

  • Maps of the areas Jesus walked.  Empires existing during,  before, and after  Jesus.

Background photo credit Xiaoyu Chen - Pexels

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