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Maybe you are alone.

What would be the reason?

Not reaching out to others and finding their interests

Being a victim - illness - attitude - wanting people to feel sorry for you, or it is a way you control others.  There is no need to be sick.  You can get healing.  I certainly have from all my symptoms.  See HEALING.

Or maybe you are a leader type and you have thoughts you can only share with a very few.

Maybe you are self-involved and selfish and it is all about you.

I was what some might know as a 'loner' - basically, I was painfully shy.  But I turned out to be a leader type and finally led out of desperation in order to survive and to keep my daughter and myself in relative upper-class luxury.  Of course, that is relative, but our existence was upper-class to me.  Unfortunately, I did not know God and if I had, life would have been a lot easier.

If you are a leader, God would be waiting for you to LEAD and to share His God-given thoughts with others. That is how He will operate.  He will operate through you and bring you prosperity accordingly.

God loves you.  He will always allow you a choice.  He loves operating through you to others to bring them peace, prosperity and health.  He is aware of their plight and He wants to  help.  He wants to interact with you and others and be a Father.  He wants to communicate to as many as possible.  He wants an intimate relationship.

It is not necessary to feel alone.  God will always be there for you.  

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