God, Us, and Satan


A practical 200-page guide to walking on God's path in a world controlled by Satan and his demons.

This enlightening book is one person's extraordinary journey and realizations while unearthing unknown concepts from the Bible. 

Virginia Franklin has a 30-year background enlightening thousands and her own business for 25 years.  She has been on radio, and TV.  See  'About Virginia'.

Finding God 7 years ago, and wanting answers to times in her life that took a plunge, Virginia sank herself into the discovery of God's word, through His book, the Bible, and found through intense study into ancient texts and their original languages, some vital basics changed/altered/mistranslated. 

Virginia says "I want you, the reader, to have God. The God I found.  Not misinterpreted. Not with opinions and ‘schools of thought’ draped all over His word.

7 years ago I found God, because there were times, in what  I call 'my previous life' that failure softened me. 


I wanted answers and I chose to study God’s book the Bible, but sometimes, things just did not add up.

Being a scientist type of person, I dug deeper and deeper even into ancient Hebrew and Aramaic.

I found that some very important parts had been changed/altered or had translational problems, which certainly affected my understanding and I knew would affect other people’s understanding of the Bible.    


Now I had finally unearthed answers, which brought me closer to God, I was extremely surprised to also find Satan and his demons, who upon my arrival at God's door, decided to attack.

Dear reader, I am writing this book because I want you to discover what I found over 7 years of deep and time-consuming study.

I want you to make your own choices, from a full unbiased point of view.  It will not be my opinion that you read.  It will be your own achieved, conclusive point of view. 


I have formatted this book with many Bible verses, easy to understand, genuine, honest, trustworthy commentaries, and pictures.  The truth will be easy for you to witness for yourself.  It will be surprisingly obvious.

In my book, God, Us, and Satan, there are 2 chapters which expose Satan/demons and how to eliminate them from your life!

The information in this AMAZING book will astound you!

Virginia says " When I discovered Satan and his demons, I was horrified to think these evil entities were using my body, my mouth, to control me.  It was like the worst horror movie!  

It took a time to grasp how evil these beings were and I had to realize that they were complete personalities (just like people). in fact worse because they have experienced many lifetimes.  They are experts at deception, and they do not die.

I learned how to overcome these seemingly unswervable enemies, with the help of God, my Church Pastor, his wife, and Pastor Derek Prince (whom you can find on-line).  These people are genius and I thank them from the bottom of my heart. 


As far as God goes, I find myself constantly astounded whenever I turn to Him for His unending love, the data, awareness, and advice He gives me. 


I have put my discoveries and the knowledge I have been given, in this book.

It is a pleasure to share these with you. 

I sincerely hope you enjoy!


Love and God bless."

To witness an example of some of Virginia Franklin's amazing in-depth research and findings, see the FREE chapter entitled 'Human Spirit'.

New book!


"Life can be an unpleasant, unexpected roller coaster ride
unless you know how to operate in it.

FREE EXCERPTS! regarding the from the  NEW BOOK  'GOD, US, and SATAN' ' Witness the truth for yourself from actual Bible verses.
  1. How the human spirit came about!
  2. Why we can never die.
  3. The difference between our human spirit and the Holy Spirit
  4. Who or what gets judged at Judgement Day?
  5. Where does our spirit go when we die.
  6. Why miracles are still with us today.
  7. Easy commentaries.  Discover and unravel the truth. 
  8. Many pictures

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