"Life can be a roller coaster ride
unless you know how to operate in it.


A practical 250-page guide to your success,  through a world controlled by Satan and his demons.


This enlightening book, is one persons' extraordinary journey and realizations, through a difficult, but successful life.   


Virginia has enlightened many over 25 years, in her own seminars, radio, and TV.  See  'About Virginia'.


Then, finding God 6 years ago, she really sunk herself into the discovery of God's word, through His book, the Bible, and found some really important basics changed/altered.  Over 6 years of intense study into Hebrew and Aramaic, she has brought to light the truth.

I want you, the reader, to have God. The God I found.  Not misinterpreted. 
Not with opinions and ‘schools of thought’ draped all over His word.

There were times, in what  I call 'my previous life' that failure softened me.  When I lost everything 7 years ago, I realized there had to be more.  I turned to God.


I finally found the answers.  Also, Satan and his demons.


​I chose God’s book the Bible, to study God, Satan, and demons, but sometimes, things just did not add up.

So I dug deeper and deeper even into the ancient Hebrew and Aramaic;  and what do you know?  I found the answers I was looking for.


I found that some very important parts had been changed/altered, which would affect people’s understanding of the Bible, big time.    

In my book, I give you my unearthed discoveries and the reason why.  

This is not just my opinion.  I expose the truth through Bible verses, and you will make up your own mind.  


Dear reader, I am writing this book because I want you to discover what I found over 6-7 years of intense study.

I want you to make your own choices, from a full understanding.  I have formatted this book with many Bible verses, easy to understand descriptions, and pictures.


As I read the bible, I got closer to God, that was when I became a target for Satan and his demons

There were negative intentions, very negative.  Now that I knew God, I knew they were not me.

In my book, God, Satan, and Us, 50 pages of 250 expose Satan/demons and how to eliminate them from your life!

Belief in God is vital
if we are to survive Satan's dwelling place, the Earth.

That’s when I discovered Satan and his demons.  It took a time to grasp how evil these beings were and I had to realize that they were complete personalities (just like people). I learned how to overcome them with the help of God, my Church Pastor, his wife, and Pastor Derek Prince (who will you can find on-line).  These people are all experts and I thank them from the bottom of my heart. 


As far as God goes, I find myself constantly astounded whenever I turn to Him and the data, knowledge, and advice He gives me. 


I have put my discoveries and the knowledge I have been given, in this book.

It is a pleasure to share these with you." 


Love and God bless,



God, Us, and Satan 

Get inspired by who you are!

As the Bible tells us.  

Clearwater, Florida



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