Virginia thoroughly believes that anyone who is in earnest, who is willing to work hard for months and maybe years, who has the perseverance to ride the ups and downs, with unwavering faith, it is possible to change their financial lives.  She says:


"All they need is the correct tools and the right knowledge.  Amazingly enough the Bible has all the tools they will need for any endeavor.  I believe, that if they want to keep their successes, they will need a belief in God. "

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Bible Study 

Virginia says  "I have to say running a Bible Study group and teaching God's word is my favorite.  

Life Coaching 

What is Life-Coaching?


Life Coaching is very different from consulting, mentoring, advice, therapy, or counseling.

Life Coaching takes the applicant by the hand and walks them through to understanding, enlightenment and action.  We use Bible verses to accomplish this.

We utilize a well-designed Goal , Plan of purpose and intention. These are designed to overcome any obstacles and forge forward through to success, in any profession, personal or life actions. We use Bible verses to accomplish this.

Our gentle hand-holding leads our people to heights they had not even thought of. We use Bible verses to accomplish this.

Teen Program

Virginia loves Teens.  She says "The teens are our future generation.  They are usually having a pretty hard time of it, discovering who they are and who they want to be."

How do we handle this and help them?  Well, that is Virginia's specialty.

Virginia is eager for teens not to have suffer through what she had to learn.  The hard, climbing up from the bottom (literally).  Clawing her way to financial stability, making all the wrong turns, while enduring the school of hard knocks.  She says "Every teen that I teach, will always have the knowledge necessary to change their financial life - whether they use it right away or not.  That they can always have that security, that if everything goes wrong and the bottom falls out of their  world, they will have this rung of the ladder to halt their fall, so they do not end up in the marshy misery-bog, that can be called life.  Or on a happier note, they will have the knowledge to make the money they need, when they want it"

We use Bible verses to accomplish this.

NOTE:  The photos below show Virginia with some of her students in her conference room and her 25-year real estate, consulting and investment business.  Today, Virginia is retired, but loves sharing the Bible and the truths she has found.



Here the students are role-playing or explaining what they have just learned.  

Testimonials Buying property creatively

These students chose to purchase property in order to change their financial lives. 

The few testimonials below (and there are many) are here to show Virginia's ability to train and consult a person to their success.

Testimonials Training Completions

Listen here to some Course Completions which show the quality of our teaching methods which include role-playing and NEW and DIFFERENT Purchasing Strategies.


Our main emphasis, after our initial conversation with the seller/s, is concentrating on what is best for them.

It is only after that, we consider ourselves.

Sellers love our refreshing and honest approach.

Often they will say: 

                "If it is so good for me, why are you doing this?" 

Virginia says: "The thing to know is that anyone can change their life.  This is especially true if the answers come from the Bible.
It does take application, perseverance and unwavering faith, for however long it takes. "

If you  need help, please feel free to contact us.​ 

We would be only too happy to help you.   There is  no obligation or charge.



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