Courses, Testimonials, and Seminars

I thoroughly believe that anyone who is in earnest, who is willing to work hard and honestly to learn their trade, can become an expert and successful. 


He/she will need the perseverance to ride the ups and downs with unwavering faith.  

My message:

All people need is the correct tools and the right knowledge. 

It is always better if they follow their passion.

Amazingly enough, the Bible has the instruction they will need to be a success 

Also, I believe, that if they want to keep their successes, they will need a belief in God. "

Life Coaching 

New Purchasing Strategies

Bible Study 

I have to say that teaching God's word at North Dunedin Baptist Church, and Harborside Church over this last 7 years has been my favorite.   

NOTE:  The photos below show me with some of my students in one of my conference rooms in my 25-year real estate, consulting, and investment business. 

Today, I do not teach investment, real estate, and financing, but love sharing the Bible and the truths I have found, with large or small groups.

Here the students are role-playing or explaining what they have just learned.

SEMINAR OF VIRGINIA virginia answering q

Testimonials Buying investment properties

These students chose to purchase property in order to change their financial lives. 

The few testimonials below (and there are many) are here to show the worth of the real estate methods created and our  ability to train and consult a person to their success.  Notice they are all happy and have an inner fulfillment, and if you look, you will see it is not just 'all about the money'.  I believe it is because they did not have to pull the wool over the seller's eyes when purchasing in creative ways and they know that the seller is content and was not 'forced' or 'tricked' to sell with various  'methods' used by many.