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About Virginia

Today, I am retired and just want to help others because God has brought me to a good place and now I would like to share my knowledge. 


Of course, there is no charge.

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Previously in my 25-year Los Angeles business, I have kept myself busy enlightening (my passion) giving personal mentoring, life coaching, investment, business, financial, residential, and commercial real estate investment knowledge to others. 


It all started when I decided to choose a new career.  I surveyed 18 millionaires to find out how they made their money. 17 of them made it in real estate and one of them made it in the stock market.  So I decided to get into real estate.


I tried studying the usual real estate methods and even made one of them work, but they were just 'not me'  'not my personality.  So I created my own open-book, honest, and ethical methods to purchase and sell commercial and residential real estate, where the seller came first and I came 2nd.

People saw my success and wanted to learn how I did it. See COURSES, SEMINARS & TESTIMONIALS.


After that, I spent my life giving thousands of large and small seminars in the Hilton Hotel and other prestigious hotels in the US and UK + other venues.  At a certain point, I found myself with 9 offices and my own conference rooms.  This new career lasted for 25 years. I even appeared on radio and TV several times.


It had its benefits, but boy was it hectic!  My office was a revolving door and 25 years happened in a blink of an eye.  In my estimation, the enlightenment business is not where to make the money, real estate investments are.  But I didn't do it for the money.  Sure, it gave me a nice income, but more than that, it gave me joy to help people to the next step in their lives - sellers and buyers and those I mentored. 


I have to say I am glad that phase of my life is over.  This retirement and Grandmother phase is wonderful!


For the last 8 years since my retirement, the Bible has been my solution and is the most fascinating book I have ever read. 

When giving seminars, mentoring, consulting, and life-coaching in the past, I always knew something was missing; it was God's word.


Finding the Bible has solved all the questions I had that I could not find the answers to, so in some areas, I had a big question mark in my head. 


Having found this wonderful book and being the teacher type, I found some inconsistencies and various viewpoints which just did not add up. 


So I dug in deeper and deeper and delved into the Ancient Hebrew, Aramaic, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and Greek to find out what was really said, before the various translations, and alterations, and opinions.  

Based on the knowledge I found, I wrote a 200+ page book entitled God, Us, and Satan, which I hope to publish in 2002

This book includes all my verified and referenced Biblical findings along with easy to understand commentaries and pictures.  The pictures are not just illustrations, but give great simplicity, truth, and explain some of the more complex parts of the Bible.


For the last 8 years I have given Bible studies in group and individual sessions, + 4 years in North Dunedin Baptist Church and 2 years at Harborside Christian Church.

I am the happiest now, close to God and understanding life the way He created it, not the way it has been created by human wisdom.

Snippets (excerpts) from the book God, Us, and Satan can be found by clicking on this link.

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Jesus says: "My command is this:

Love each other as I have loved you." John 15:12.

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