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Today, I am retired and just want to help others because God has brought me to a good place and now I would like to share my knowledge. 


Of course, there is no charge for God's Word.

Previously in my 25-year Los Angeles business, I have kept myself busy enlightening (my passion) giving personal mentoring, life coaching, investment, business, financial, residential, and commercial real estate investment knowledge to others. 


It all started when I decided to choose a new career.  I surveyed 18 millionaires to find out how they made their money. 17 of them made it in real estate and one of them made it in the stock market.  So I decided to get into real estate.


I tried studying the usual real estate methods and even made one of them work, but they were just 'not me' and 'not my personality'.  So I created my own open-book, honest, and ethical methods to purchase and sell commercial and residential real estate, where the seller came first and I came 2nd.  I asked the seller what he needed and wanted and when he told me I set about creating the right method for him/her.

People saw my success and wanted to learn how I did it. See COURSES, SEMINARS & TESTIMONIALS.


After that, I spent the next 25 years giving thousands of large and small seminars in the Hilton Hotel and other prestigious hotels in the US and UK + other venues.  At a certain point, I found myself with 9 offices  in Los Angeles and my own conference rooms.  I appeared on radio and TV.


It had its benefits, but boy was it hectic!  My office was a revolving door and 25 years happened in a blink of an eye.  In my estimation, the enlightenment business is not where to make the money, real estate investments are.  But I didn't do it for the money.  Sure, it gave me a nice income, but more than that, it gave me joy to help people to the financial 'next step' in their lives - both sellers and buyers and those I mentored. 


For the last 8 years since my retirement I found God and now the Bible has answered the questions I could not find answers to and is the most fascinating book I have ever read. 

When giving seminars, mentoring, consulting, and life-coaching in the past, I always knew something was missing; it was God's word.


8 years ago, having found this wonderful book - the Bible - and being the teacher/life coach/mentor type, I found some inconsistencies and various viewpoints from churches and people, which just did not add up. 


So I dug in deeper and deeper and delved into Ancient Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek , and the Dead Sea Scrolls to find out what God really said, before various translations, and alterations, and opinions.   

This is written over a period of 8 years in a 261-page book Called God, Us, and Satan

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