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Hello and welcome!  We are two-fold. 1. Help you attain  God's prosperity, and 2. use real estate as a tool to accomplish that. 

Many very able people have temporary setbacks financially or with credit.  Having been there myself, I had to create unique ways to purchase real estate.


In my 25-year Los Angeles business, I taught investment, business, financial, residential, and commercial real estate investment knowledge to others. in addition, I kept myself busy enlightening (my passion) giving mentoring, and life coaching.  

I had already tried studying the usual real estate methods and even made one of them work, but they were just 'not me' and 'not my personality'.  So I created my own open-book, honest, and ethical methods to purchase and sell commercial and residential real estate, where the seller came first and I came 2nd.  I asked the seller what he needed and wanted and when he told me I set about creating the right method for him/her.  Then that, over several years, developed into the materials I have now. See REAL ESTATE COURSES

People saw my success and wanted to learn how I did it. Then they joined my Real Estate and Investment Mentorship and bought properties creatively.  See TESTIMONIALS.


I spent the next 25 years giving thousands of large and small seminars in the Hilton Hotel, and other prestigious hotels in the US and UK.

At a certain point, I found myself with several offices in Los Angeles area and my own conference rooms.  I also appeared on radio and TV.


It had its benefits, but boy was it hectic!  My office was a revolving door and 25 years happened in a blink of an eye.  In my estimation, the enlightenment business is not where to make the money, real estate investments are.  But I didn't do it for the money.  Sure, it gave me a nice income, but more than that, it gave me joy to help those who studied with me to the financial 'next step' in their lives.  


During the last 10 years, I found God and now the Bible has answered the questions I could not find answers to; and is the most fascinating book I have ever read. 

When giving seminars, mentoring, consulting, investment/financing, and life coaching in the past, I always knew something was missing; it was God's Word.


10 years ago, having found this wonderful book - the Bible - and being the teacher/life coach/mentor type, I found some inconsistencies and various statements from churches and people, that just did not add up. 


So I dug in deeper, and deeper and delved into Ancient Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, and the Dead Sea Scrolls to find out what God really said, before various translations, alterations, and opinions.   

This  10-year research is written down in a 261-page book Called God, Us, and Satan which I highly recommend.

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