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Virginia  Franklin has 25 years of investment, business, financial, residential, and commercial real estate experience.  She has given literally thousands of large and small seminars in the Hilton Hotel and other prestigious hotels in the US and UK for 25 years.  She has been on radio and TV.

Virginia got into real estate investing as her only source of income.   People saw her success and wanted to learn how she did it. See Courses, Seminars, and Testimonials.

This started a 25-year business which enlightened thousands with real estate investments, banking, and finance. 


Not only did she teach the above, but she also helped people with Consulting, Mentoring, and Life Coaching.

Today, she is retired and principally interested in spreading God's word and generally enlightening others.

Virginia says "The  Bible is the most fascinating book I have ever read and I consider it an honor to enlighten others with the words in God's book. When mentoring and life-coaching in the past, I always knew something was missing;  it was God's word."

Being retired,  she has spent the last 7 years studying in-depth the Bible and delving into the Ancient Hebrew and Aramaic to find out what was really said, before the various translations and alterations.  

 Based on the knowledge she found, she wrote a 200-page book entitled God, Us, and Satan, which will be published this year, 2020.   This book includes all her verified and referenced Biblical findings along with easy to understand commentaries.  See below to be taken to a FREE chapter of this remarkable book. 

Jesus says: "My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you." John 15:12.

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