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When you buy

Property Evaluation Form

Shows you which creative method to use. to purchase.

How to Sell Your Property

Creative ways to sell property.

 Hi, this is Virginia Franklin.  Cash When you buy (or  Cash at Close) is my signature method when we had lost everything in oil and gold in Europe.  We had nothing!  We came back to the US where we had been before, and a friend of my husband's allowed us to stay in his house basement which only had 3 walls, and all the outside crawled, or flew into it!  This temporary stay was supposed to last only a few weeks.

We had no money to speak of and certainly no credit.  

I had to create a method that would not only get us a nice house but money to make the payments on that nice house!  That meant that I had to get money back when we purchased the property.  And that is what I did.

Our 1st property was $550,000.  in a more expensive area (Easily worth over $3,000,000. today)

We got $90,000. cash to us when we purchased it and then 9 months later we sold that same property for $705,000!

This method has worked for myself and my students for over 25 years and has changed financial lives.

You can also  use this method for purchasing units.

We have all the contracts, role-playing materials, videos and a Power Point presentation.  

We want you to succeed.  You can overcome your financial problems provided you follow carefully our guidelines.

This method normally costs $1,500.  For now and for a short time only it is $199.


Testimonials Buying Investment Properties Creatively

These students chose to purchase property in order to change their financial lives. 

The few testimonials below (and there are many) are here to show the worth of the real estate methods created and our  ability to train and consult a person to their success.  Notice they are all happy and have an inner fulfillment, and if you look, you will see it is not just 'all about the money'.  I believe it is because they did not have to pull the wool over the seller's eyes when purchasing in creative ways and they know that the seller is content and was not 'forced' or 'tricked' to sell with various  'methods' used by many. 

Virginia, R.E. Testimonial I

Virginia, R.E. Testimonial I

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