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All this for only $199!

TOTAL  $2,200 Value!

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Virginia with some of her students

who are role-playing.

Virginia Franklin
Cash In Your Hands
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Homes!                                                 Units!  or Land!

House couple just purchased with cash at the purchase
Cash to you!
ash to You when you purchase units.
Seminar.  Virginia teaching. Role-playing
Buy Property

Buy Homes ,  and  Units, or Land, and get $$$ to You!

Cash to you when you purchase land

You will be receiving the actual video of Virginia teaching the 'Cash When You Buy' course in one of her seminar rooms.  This video covers everything you need to know!  It is as if you are part of the audience.


This is a PowerPoint presentation which you can stop and start as many times as you wish in order to fully understand and apply the concept of 'Cash When You Buy'.

PowerPoint presentation
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Value for these alone 2  above $1,200.

All this for only $199! A $2,200 Value! 

See below

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What else do you get?

When you take advantage of this FANTASTIC OFFER?

40-Page course materials including actual written proposals with figures.

Value $300.

Property Evaluation From

Course materials Cash When You  Buy.

2-page Property Evaluation Form

This amazing form, created by Virginia when speaking to sellers over the phone, shows if this is a 'Cash to You When You Buy Property' seller.  

Property Evaluation Form

                  Free Download

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All this for only $199!

A $2,200 Value!

1-Hour Hand-Holding with Virginia herself!

Value $350.

1 hour free mentoring

How To Sell Your Property in Any Market!

Virginia has taken all of her Creative Purchasing proposals, from over 25 years, and has compiled them into an 18-page action-packed, powerful instrument to Sell any  Property - regardless of what the real estate market is doing!  

How To Sell Your Property
In Any Market

How to Sell Your Property in Any Market!

Creative ways to sell property.

Why will your property sell when others do not?  Because you are being creative.

Virginia created ways to sell her properties which benefited her buyers and herself that have never been taught before!

Value $350.

Testimonials Buying Investment Properties Creatively

These students chose to purchase property in order to change their financial lives. 

The few testimonials below (and there are many) are here to show the worth of the real estate methods created and our  ability to train and consult a person to their success.  Notice they are all happy and have an inner fulfillment, and if you look, you will see it is not just 'all about the money'.  I believe it is because they did not have to pull the wool over the seller's eyes when purchasing in creative ways and they know that the seller is content and was not 'forced' or 'tricked' to sell with various  'methods' used by many.  PLUS these creative buying techniques benefit the seller enormously and we make a good amount of money too!

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VIRGINIA FULL BODY canvaY_edited_edited.jpg

All this for only $199.

A $2,200 Value!

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