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Courses and Seminars - Commercial and Residental Real Estate

These are short descriptions of each of the Real Estate Courses Virginia used to teach, in what she calls "her other life'.


As of this time,  Virginia feels that God wants her to share His Book, the Bible, or Life Coaching, or any of the subjects listed in the page 'Groups'.

Virginia had 9 offices in the Los Angeles area.  She is now retired in Florida and just interested in giving back to help people with God's word.


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Virginia says "Regardless of what subject I am teaching, faith from the Bible is a big part of what I include.  It is amazing to me how many Bible verses there are to do with faith and also prosperity."

Below is a brief description of each course, which could apply to residential or commercial real estate.  Virginia does not teach these anymore.  They are here for reference only.

Cash to you when you buy

Is simply money left over after your purchase which is tagged to come to you.

Wholesaling with a difference.y

You get a good price established to buy property, but then you sell to another at a profit.  You are the man in the middle.  But you need to operate as a very wise Christian and know the ropes before you attempt this one.

Assignments/Options where you are safe.

This time you have an under market value property, assigned or optioned to you for a short period.  Then you assign/option it to another, who replaces you, before your assignment or option expires.

Foreclosures,  a way to really help the seller.

Virginia created a completely new method where people in foreclosure have a chance to regain their home.  When she saw the problems foreclosure victims faced, with rising interest rates and diminishing house values, she wanted to give them a second chance.

Short sales.  Win-Win-Win

Virginia created a completely new method, where people in foreclosure have a chance to sell their home, rather than having it taken back by the bank and then, suffering eviction. 

Virginia got the owners the time they needed, so they could sell their property the right way and walk away with benefits they deserved, rather than the alternative of nothing but foreclosure charges, plus other costs, which is what occurs in eviction.

Creative financing

Virginia created some completely new and different strategies to purchase property creatively.  These methods specifically take into consideration what the seller needs and wants.  We make sure the seller understands everything and gets more benefits than they thought.  They usually say to us,

"If this is is so good for me, why are you doing this?"  Obviously, there are benefits for us too.  Sometimes no down payment.

Lease Option, the way we do it.

There are several problems with Lease Options, such as the Lease Optionee, who is to be the future owner, not knowing what the seller/owner is doing with the equity of the property he will own, or if there are new liens on the property, or are the monthly payments being made by the seller.

Lease Escrow.

Virginia created the Lease Escrow which solves the problems of a Lease Option.  Also, there is no need for Option Money, like there is in a Lease Option.  There are several other buyer and seller benefits.

How to evaluate properties

Without this vital knowledge, it is like playing Russian Roulette. 

There are things to look for, that most people don't know, or miss.

Property Exit Strategies

When you purchase property, you need a plan for sale, or lease, or carry a loan,  and have a positive cash flow.....or,,,,or,,,,or.  Virginia has created several combinations, which have proved very successful.

Sell a property in any market

Virginia has sold properties, over 30 years, in up and down markets.  Virginia has developed strategies to sell a property in any market, even when properties are not selling

Partnership where you all win.

Many partnerships end badly, which is such a shame.  It is not necessary.   Virginia has created a partnership contract, and a series of steps, which resolves the usual problems.

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