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If you are going to be a success in business, you will need details on LLCs (Limited Liability Company) and Partnerships.

If you are going to be in the field of Real Estate, you will need Landlording as well.


The LLC has two main advantages:

1. It prevents its owners from being held personally responsible for the debts of the company. If the company goes bankrupt or is sued, the personal assets of its owner-investors cannot be pursued.

It allows all profits to be passed directly to those owners to be taxed as personal income.2

Internal Revenue Service. "Taxation of Limited Liability Companies," 


 2. That avoids "double taxation" of both the company and its individual owners.

3.  Many more benefits:

It is a separate entity, away from you

There can be many business write-offs

You can get a new car which is paid for by the LLC

You can get property that is paid for by the LLC

4.  LLC owners can be paid as company employees, participate in company benefit programs and potentially save on taxes.


5. So many more benefits




If you do not know how to be a Landlord, you are a sitting duck!

  1. There are 'professional' tenants, who are looking to sue or steal.

  2. There are presidents set by lowered rent.

  3. There are tenants that fall on hard times and do not think they should pay you rent.

  4. There are tenants who will hire government sources against you.

  5. Tenants who go to court and make circumstances that do not exist.

  6. Many more such items.




There are so many people who go into partnerships happy until it falls apart.  Friends become enemies.  There is no need for this!


We have a Partnership Contract like no other.

  1. It will protect you.

  2. It will be fair and just.

  3. Others, including attorneys, will not be able to get around our Partnership Contract's clear and concise terms.

  4. So many other benefits.  You would have to see and comprehend it to understand its benefits.


  1. Saves you Probate Court

  2. Inheritance taxes

  3. You are a separate entity

  4. No one has to know who the Beneficiaries of the Trust are.

  5. The Trust can be run by an LLC

  6. You can control the assets of the Trust even after you are dead.

  7. Your Trust assets are not public.

  8. A Trust does not have to be recorded.

  9. The Trust is much better than a Last Will and Testament because it is hard to challenge.

  10. If something happens to you, there is an automatic pre-appointed person or entity who will take your place.

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