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I ran into a new person in my life who had very much the potential for being a life-long friend.  Warm, giving and sincere.

They were very much into the scripture so we shared the Bible together.  They felt they were very enlightened and they certainly seemed so and I was pretty happy about this new friendship.

Having gotten close to God and have His Holy Spirit, my life is pretty joyous, so if I experience a loss of happiness, I can always look to when exactly that occurred and then I can look to who crossed my path - 9 times out of 10 it is a 'who'.


I had some definite symptoms: They started getting really critical, my production went down, I didn't feel like writing my book which I usually enjoy updating daily, and I felt generally unhappy about every little thing in my life.  Life became dull, ordinary and boring, like everything had groanings and had to be 'dealt with'.  The joy I usually felt slowly but deliberately tuned down to daily doldrums.  Even the music which I usually loved and danced to, felt like I had heard it one time too often.

I was lying in bed praying in tongues trying to get close to God because I felt apart from Him. 


All of a sudden a vivid reality came to me.  It was a vision of endless living large skulls which were illuminated in the dark of it all, trying uselessly and relentlessly to communicate.  As I looked deeper into this I saw there were layers-upon-layers and they were resting in, through, upon, and around me!

I knew it was Satan.  My first question is how did he infect me this way because I had reached the sought-after point of being close to God, being led by His Holy Spirit, and in a relatively joyous life where Satan and his demons had lost their sting.

The only significant change I had made in my recent life was this new friendship of which I was very fond. I also knew the next step I needed to take, as regretful as it might be, was to get this person out of my life - of course gently.  The results would prove the truth.


As I contemplated this new-found realization, the cloud began to lift and I felt myself moving closer to the state I had been in previous to meeting this person.  This was proof enough.  I wondered why God did not tell me.

I realized that God was waiting for me to see, understand and handle the subtle movement away from Him I had unwittingly made. 

I was also aware how Satan had used this person to intercept my progression along with God as he must know the rule of this universe was to 'even itself out', as did I.

This 'even itself out' universal rule is not obvious to the average person, but look at the next couple of examples we can see it is self-evident: 

Let's take a look at a wake of a ship.  You can see a deep rut in the water, but that rut will fill itself up with whatever is around.  In this case it is calm, clean (no rubbish) water.


Let's now take a look at smoke.  Smoke will do the same thing. 

Here is smoke in one room.  Provided it can experience the empty 2nd room, it will work to fill it up, until the point where everything is even.

ENERGY:  Energies do the same thing. It can be demonic energy or it can simply be a lot of life problems which have created, and continue to create dark problematic energy.


Let's look at a man and a woman meeting. (Picture #1)  The man has a lot of joy and love to share.  The woman (in this case) has demons to share.  NOTE: It might not be demonic energy.  It could be that she has perpetual/continual life problems which are creating havoc.  (The gender is not important, but the concept is)


The demons remain hidden throughout the beginning relationship.  Then they get married, and over time the woman looks pretty much the same, but the man has changed dramatically.  The evil that was hidden in her has filled his space.    Satan loves filling spaces and ruining lives.

Since it is unseen, the takeover of the man's space is subtle and is over time.  Because of the evil intentions which is Satan, they disagree, they argue. there are her life problems which become his and then he might have health issues because of the stress.  Their families might not agree because of the things said to them by either the man or woman, which further complicates their lives.

It just goes on and on and on and on and further downhill.


One day they separate.  Maybe the man found God and she walked out on him, or maybe one of a number of reasons.  In any event, they are disconnected.

After the initial upset, the man feels freer and happier.  He does not know why.  If he is wise, he will attend a church that is aware of Satan and how he operates and has solutions to remove Satan/demons from his space, and train him about them and their evil intent.

His original joy and love will return and he will be additionally enhanced by knowledge.  If he is wise enough to seek out God and receive the Holy Spirit, his future is assured, provided he uses the wisdoms in the Bible.

Hopefully, he will choose his companions with more care.


When we share a space with a person or group we get to also share what is in their space.  It could be demons, It could be life problems, or it could be a number of items.   It could even be positive.  Look carefully.  

If you believe strongly enough, there is nothing Satan or his demons See 'HOW SATAN OPERATES', or your brain messages can do against it.  See 'YOU, YOUR BRAIN AND YOUR MIND'

NOTE: In the book God, Us, and Satan, there are so many more verses and pictures

on this subject.

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