'GOD, US, and SATAN'
Witness the truths for yourself from actual Bible verses.
  1. Holy Spirit & also human spirit?
  2. Miracles with us today?
  3. Where we go when we die?
  4. Can the brain go to heaven?
  5. Satan/demons: controls!
  6. How to get healed.  (see below first)
  7. Easy commentaries.  Many pictures.



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I highly recommend ANDREW WOMMACK to those who need healing.  I can state without a shadow of a doubt that I have been healed of several things including eyesight and hearing through the Holy Spirit and by listening and applying the Bible verses Andrew Wommack showed me.


He can be found on Youtube or AWMI.net:

He is world-famous, has millions of followers, and has been pastoring for over 40 years.  Here are some people who were healed: Healing journeys


This is a good example of one of his many  teachings
                 We must take responsibility 

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