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It is a HUGE responsibility being a parent.  We are taking God's child literally (See 'HUMAN SPIRIT') and introducing him/her to life.  If you went to 'HUMAN SPIRIT' you will understand why.

There are several things to understand.  One of them is genetics.  Children inherit our genes, and our genes are a culmination of all bodily genes all the way from Adam and Eve.  Bodies record events in pictures, even the evil (See 'YOU, YOUR MIND & YOUR BRAIN).

The next thing to understand,  since we unfortunately have demons here on planet Earth, they will probably inhabit the child either in the womb or afterwards.  (See ''SATAN, WHO HE IS').


Read, watch, go to the links above, and understand all thoroughly.  It is that knowledge which will equip you to help your children adequately.


Get close to God.  Go to a good church that knows and understands Satan/demons. Get involved in church activities.  Be un-self-involved. surround yourself with people of like intelligence.  Pray often.  Pray in tongues if you can.  Seek help from others of like mind and pray with them.  Help and enlighten others. Play spiritual music (I like Bethel Music which can be found on Youtube), 


Surround yourself with God and acknowledge the Holy Spirit who is within you.  Listen to His words of instruction.  (See 'HOLY SPIRIT').




Take, or get your children to go to church.  Supervise their activities. 


Arrange through the scriptures (choose ones that are age appropriate  AND CORRECT with lots of pictures) for their life to be built on a solid rock of peace, calm, and certainty. 


They will understand things written with supporting pictures, better than us trying to explain things.  It will also give them something to be able to look at later. (It is nice for them to have a copy even if they do not go to it).


Arrange fun Bible studies for them that are simple.  Make sure they have understood and it was the right educational level for them. (You can ask all kinds of fun questions in an attitude of loving to share.  Have lots of goodies around).

Give them fun activities to busy their lives, so Satan/demons do not have the space and time to bother them, like chess to occupy their mind.  My Grandson when he was 9 years old used to beat me!

Keep confusion from them.  Life is confusing enough for them.  Keep your own problems away from them, because they love you and those problems are not theirs, but they will try to solve them - which is impossible for them, because it is only you who can solve your problems.


Before you can get your children to understand, you need to know all the above so well that you can be able to teach it.  The children love you and want to be instructed, and sometimes they need to see a change in you.

This applies to children of all ages.


Parents, if you have special gifts you are truly blessed and so are your children if they get to experience them. God is waiting for you to use them.   Why is He waiting? Because it is up to us.  We have to decide to handle any evil in our lives and arrive at the point where we can accept God's anointed blessings.  God who gave us these gifts, will not allow us to use them if we have not reached a certain point of humility, self control and giving to others - which is also our inheritance. 




God cannot help us if we are flirting with demons which can seem very exciting  LOL. (I have been there). We need to rise to a point of strength, control and knowledge to where we can oust them from in, and around us, in order to become our true spiritual selves.  That takes real strength,but I promise you that the peace and power from God, is like living lightening in comparison.

I can also promise you, from personal experience it is a whole different world without evil and though Satan/demons try to infect me constantly, I have obtained enough personal strength mentally, physically, and I  have attained agreement from God and others, where they can no longer enter my body.  It has been a struggle, but unbelievably worth it.


PARENTS WARNING: Don't get hoodwinked into drugs and electroshock.  The effects on the brain of a child can be life-damaging.




God bless all parents!  In this world controlled by Satan and human wisdom, you are awesome!

If you have any comments, we would love to hear them.  Just contact us.    Your information is safe with us.

NOTE: In the book God, Us, and Satan, there are so many more verses and pictures

on these subjects.

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Maps of the area at the time of  Jesus.  

At any time you like, you can go to Maps and see exactly the way the land looked in those times, and the names of the towns and cities, which sometimes no longer exist.


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