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6 ways to purchase  property creatively

Each one of these creative methods can be done with little or no money out of your pocket.  But more importantly, our real estate purchasing techniques are kind and fair to the seller and we make a lot of money too!

Each real estate technique has been changed by us to protect you and/or the seller and, better than that, our proposals are amazingly easy to understand and easy to present.  We always role-play so when it comes time to be in front of the seller it is not new.

This 1-year Mentorship would normally sell for $5,000. - $9,000.  but for a very short while all 6 methods, including 'Cash When You Buy' are only $499.

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We help the seller.  Stop the foreclosure process which leaves the seller on the street.  We give the seller a chance to live in his home.


Wraps/All Inclusive Trust Deed

This is a way we can purchase without a down payment and where the seller gets good profits.  Also, we may be able to deal without a bank.

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Cash back to you when you buy!

This is the best real estate method if you are in financial difficulty.   You should get 10% - or more - of the property value IN CASH when you purchase!  You could also have a positive monthly cash flow!

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Short Sales

This is how we deal with the foreclosing bank and how we reduce the mortgages to help the seller and also give us profits.

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Lease Option

Lease Escrow I created to solve the many problems of Lease Option including the need for option money.  You do not need a bank!


Lease Escrow

How to lease out property that you have purchased creatively.  You should have significant positive monthly cash flow, plus nice incoming deposits.  I created this real estate method.

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Virginia, R.E. Testimonial I

Virginia, R.E. Testimonial I

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