Groups are at Harborside Christian Church.  I consider it an honor to be working with them and to be able to instruct others. 

My main mission in life is enlightening others.  See more.

8-week series:  Will be taught in January 2021.


We will go through the whole Book of Revelation. 

We will also review the prophesies from the Old Testament which support this exciting and dynamic Book.


Many fascinating, living lightening discoveries from the Bible, will be disclosed to you, some are below:

  1. Discover what our role is in the last days.  What we need to watch for and what to stay away from.

  2. Predict when the End Times will go into full swing.

  3. The finality of the Last Days or  End Times for us.  Where do we fit in.

  4. Why Satan came to Earth.  Why and how he rules here.  What is his location.

  5. Throne Room in Heaven, what it is like.

  6. A look at God. What He is and what He is like.

  7. What Hell is destined to become - the final ultimate end.  You will be astounded!   How it is just plain physics!

  8. See how Earth is destroyed

  9. Observe what happens to the non-believers and the unprepared

  10. The tribes numbering 144,000.  Who are they and what is to happen to them.

  11. The Beasts, who and what are they. Why there is more than one.  Why they come to Earth at this time!

  12. Why all inhabitants of Earth have to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads.

  13. Life and death battle against God, Demons and earthly kings of the whole world.

  14. Why the Book of Revelation was written. Who wrote it, who were they.

  15. Satan bound for one thousand years.  Why is he not just eliminated.

  16. Why the dead wait a thousand years before coming to life.

  17. Why Satan is released to deceive all Earth. 

  18. Explanation of the second death.

  19. What the new Jerusalem is going to be like.

  20. How and why God’s plan never changes.

  21. Why some are convinced that the events in the Book of Revelation have already happened. 
    See proof how these events are yet to come. 

Virginia will be answering questions as they come up. 


   You tell Virginia what you would like to know about.

    If there is enough interest, she will put on a special series with the approval of  Harborside Christian Church.

NOTE:  There is never any charge, or commitment to anything, at any time

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