8-week series:  will be taught in January 2021.

by Virginia Franklin

Harborside Church hosts many groups and some of them are called 'Connect' groups. (We strongly recommend you check them out at 


Virginia Franklin will be teaching one of these 'Connect Groups' an 8-week series entitled 'The Book of Revelation' (see details below).  She says "I am honored to be allowed to enlighten God's people".


Virginia has surrounded this sometimes complex Book of Revelation, with supporting Bible verses, commentaries, and lots of pictures.  But more than anything, it is important to her that the audience receive the truth as it was meant when God wrote it through the people He chose.

Also, the Old Testament prophecies will be reviewed,

which support this exciting and dynamic Book."

With supporting Bible verses:

  1. Discover how to protect ourselves in the last days.  

  2. Predict when the End Times will go into full swing.

  3. Pre or Post Tribulation.  Which is true?  

  4. Why Satan came to Earth and his location.  Why and how he rules?

  5. Bible verses.  What God looks like.  What is His character? 

  6. What Hell is like. How in its final days, it ends up as a solidity.  

  7. See how Earth is destroyed.

  8. Observe what happens to the non-believers and the unprepared.

  9. Find out who are the tribes numbering 144,000.

  10. The Beasts. Why they appear on Earth at this time!

  11. What is the forced mark on the right hand or forehead?

  12. Life and death battle against God, Demons/Earthly kings.

  13. Satan bound 1,000 years.  Why is he not eliminated?

  14. Explanation of the second death.

  15. What the new Jerusalem is going to be like.

  16. Lots more - in this very enlightening look at the Revelation Book.

  17. Old Testament prophesies.

  18. Easy commentaries.

  19. Lots of pictures.

  20. Your questions will be answered as they come up. 

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YOUR CHOICE!  When this 8-week series is over in March 2021, maybe you can help us and let us know what you would like to hear about next.  Get in touch with us here.

For a sample of Virginia's work, take a look at the FREE chapter 'Human Spirit' in a 200-page book 'God, Us, and Satan' she has just finished writing.

Chapel inside.  Isn't it beautiful!

FREE CHAPTER!  'Human Spirit' from the  NEW BOOK  'GOD, US, and SATAN' ' Witness the truth for yourself from actual Bible verses.
  1. How the human spirit came about!
  2. Why we can never die.
  3. The difference between our human spirit and the Holy Spirit
  4. Who or what gets judged at Judgement Day?
  5. Where does our spirit go when we die.
  6. Why miracles are still with us today.
  7. Easy commentaries.  Discover and unravel the truth. 
  8. Many pictures

FREE Chapter!


God, Us, and Satan.



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